5 Reasons You Need a Home Air Filter in Spring, Texas

January 24, 2020

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If you don’t have a home air filter in Spring, Texas, you are missing out on some incredible benefits for yourself and your family! A home air filter installation in Spring is a great choice for anyone no matter where you live or the size of your house, and a new filtration system is probably more affordable than you realize. Check out 5 reasons why everyone needs a home air filter in Spring Texas.

1. Breathe Better With a Home Air Filter in Spring, TX

One obvious advantage of a home air filter in Spring, TX, is that you and everyone in the family will breathe better! A whole house air filtration system in a Spring TX home traps airborne, dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, chemicals such as from air fresheners or paints and other coatings, air pollution residues, and so much more.

The more irritants and airborne residues trapped in a home air filtration system in a Spring TX home, the fewer you’ll breathe in every day. You might find that you can breathe more deeply and even sleep better when you choose a home air filter in Spring TX for your house. Better sleep and improved breathing can mean more energy and even healthier skin and muscles.

replacing an air filter in Spring TX

2. Protect Your Lungs From Disease With an Air Filter Installation in Spring

Breathing better is not the only benefit to your lungs when you invest in an air filter installation for a Spring TX home. A high-quality air filter traps and locks cigarette smoke and ash as well as other pollutants linked to lung cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and many other serious diseases!

While an air filter is not a substitute for stopping smoking and other such protections for your health and the health of your family, it can provide added safeguards for everyone in the home. You might also notice someone with asthma or other breathing disorders suffers fewer outbreaks and triggers when you invest in an air filtration installation for a Spring TX home.

Fewer asthma attacks and other flare-ups can mean less need to use medications and fewer chemicals in your body overall! You might also suffer from fewer colds and other such conditions when you choose a home air filter in Spring TX.

3. Eliminate Odors With a Home Air Filter in Spring

Odors are caused by airborne particles; when you breathe in these particles, your nose and sinuses react in a way that cause you to smell those odors. If your home is often plagued with foul odors, it’s good to find the source of those smells and eliminate them; for example, musty smells might be caused by mildew growing underneath carpet padding. A thorough carpet steam cleaning or replacing the carpets then eliminates those smells.

However, a homeowner can’t always get rid of all smells in the home or eliminate their sources. For instance, if your home is near a production facility, you obviously can’t stop odors produced by that business from reaching your home! You also might not want to stop cooking with garlic and onions, give up your painting hobby, or otherwise address the source of smells in the home.

A home air filter in Spring traps and locks the airborne chemicals causing odors, just as it does dust and dirt. In turn, your home might smell cleaner and fresher overall. Not only will you enjoy your home’s interior spaces more but you might also decrease the risk of headaches and other physical reactions to foul odors in the home!

filtration of air in house in Spring TX

4. Dust Less Often After an Air Filtration Installation in Spring TX

As a home air filter traps and locks airborne particles, you might find that you need to dust and even vacuum less often after you choose an air filtration installation in Spring. Rather than landing on your furniture, shelves, and other surfaces, airborne dust gets trapped by your home’s filter for easier emptying and cleaning.

A cleaner interior environment with less dust and debris protects surface materials around the home as well. Dust is very drying to wood and other such materials, and can work its way into computers and other electronic equipment, causing eventual damage and added wear and tear.

Layers of dust also flatten carpet fibers, creating a dull and dingy look and wearing out the yarn used to manufacturing carpeting. A home air filter installation in Spring means a cleaner looking home as well as less wear and tear on surface materials, reducing your need for carpet shampooing and rug replacement.

5. Air Filters Reduce Wear and Tear on HVAC Systems

When your home’s furnace or air conditioner cycles on, it pushes air through the home’s ductwork and vents. If those ducts are full of dust and other debris, your heating and cooling systems might need to work harder to force air through. Dust also holds heat, so that your home’s air conditioner especially might cycle on longer to reach your desired temperature throughout the house.

Dust in the home also tends to settle along the working parts of an air conditioner or furnace and this also causes added wear and tear. A blower might struggle to work and spin those fan blades when its parts are coated with dust, and a furnace motor might also get clogged with dust and debris and struggle to work. A home air filter in Spring reduces that wear and tear, allowing your HVAC system to work optimally and even increase its overall lifespan.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider a home air filter in Spring TX. With a whole house air filtration system, you might notice that the air around you just seems more pleasant, as there is less dust and other debris circulating and settling on your skin!

In some cases, a whole house air filtration system might even improve the value of your home or make it more desirable to potential homebuyers, if you should put your house on the real estate market. Whatever the case, consider a home air filter in Spring for your own enjoyment and to protect your house and your family’s health as well!


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