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How Much Does Furnace Repair in Spring, TX, Cost and Is This a DIY Job?

August 1, 2020

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Because of the state’s consistently warm weather, you might not need furnace repair in Spring, Texas, as often as you need air conditioning repairs and maintenance. However, it’s vital that every home have a furnace or heater in good working order, as Texas winters can bring on subzero temperatures more than once throughout the year!

While most homeowners might pay around $250 to $300 for furnace repair in Spring, TX, some costs range as low as $100 for a quick fix to an electric furnace, while gas heater repairs are often more costly due to their complexity. To ensure you do everything possible to keep your home’s furnace in good working order, note some signs of needed repairs as well as some precautions against assuming every fix is a DIY job!

Dusty Air and Furnace Repair in Spring, TX

Homeowners often notice dry, dusty air during winter months, no doubt because of keeping doors and windows closed throughout that cold season! However, dry and dusty air might also indicate poor quality air circulating through a home’s furnace as it cycles on.

furnace repair spring tx

When a furnace circulates dusty air throughout the home, it might need nothing more than a good cleaning and filter change. Moving parts inside a furnace often attract and lock dust and airborne particles that then get circulated throughout the home, settling onto carpets and furniture. You also then breathe in that airborne dust and other particles!

Cleaning those parts helps keep circulated air clean as well. A new filter also traps maximum amounts of dirt and dust from the air moving through it so fewer residues circulate into the home. Furnace cleaning and a new filter typically average on the low end of furnace repair in Spring, TX, costs, making this service an excellent investment in your home and health!

Spring, TX, Furnace Repair Costs for a Blower Motor

If your home’s furnace doesn’t cycle on when needed, or you hear a humming sound as if it’s trying to work but no air is pushed through the vents, you might need blower motor furnace repair in Spring, TX. The furnace motor works to push air over the heating element and the blower then circulates that air through the home’s ducts and vents.

Blower motor repairs run in the midrange of furnace repair costs in Spring, TX, typically averaging between $150 and $300. Complete replacement might run higher, even up to $1000 depending on the furnace make and model. Regular cleaning and heater maintenance helps to avoid otherwise unnecessary blower motor repairs and replacement, so invest in furnace tune-ups as needed throughout the years.

Heater Exchange Furnace Repair Costs in Spring, TX

The heater exchange heats air circulating through the furnace before it then gets pushed by the blower into the home’s ducts and vents. Heater exchange repairs might cost anywhere from $200 to $300, with replacement costs averaging between $500 and $1000.

No matter your heater exchange repair costs, never put off this work as cracks in this part can mean carbon monoxide leaks in the home. A damaged heater exchange also means less warm air circulating through the home so that the furnace cycles on more often and stays on longer than it should, resulting in added wear and tear and premature breakdown.

Gas Valve Repair and Replacement Costs

The gas valve allows gas or propane to flow through a furnace and to the pilot light. It’s vital that the gas valve be in good repair at all times, as this piece also works as an emergency cutoff when needed. Gas valve repair might start at $200 and run upwards of $600 for replacement.

furnace repair Spring TX

No matter this furnace repair in Spring, TX, cost, it’s vital you leave this work in the hands of a pro! Since the gas valve controls the flow of gas or propane and also shuts off that flow when needed, the valve must be installed properly and always working as it should. Improper installation might result in too much gas flowing through that valve or the inability to shut the valve when needed, resulting in a dangerous gas leak throughout the home.

Circuit Board Furnace Repair in Spring

Today’s home appliances are more complicated than ever before, which also means their circuit boards or main circuitry responsible for running all their parts are also more complicated! Repairs for a circuit board inside a basic furnace without many add-ons and other features might cost no more than $100 while most circuit board repairs range closer to $600.

As with a gas valve, leave circuit board furnace repair in Spring, TX, to the pros, and especially if you have a newer furnace or one with lots of extra components. Circuits and wiring are often more complicated to diagnose and repair than you might realize and improper repairs might lead to shorts, damaged electrical components, intermittent cycling, and even full-scale shutdown.

The Thermostat is Part of Furnace Repair in Spring, Texas!

Your home’s thermostat is considered part of the HVAC system and might be the component needing repairs when the heater cycles on and off too often or not often enough. In some cases, the thermostat might only require recalibrating, which often costs $75 to $100, or the cost of a service call alone. Replacing damaged wiring to the thermostat might cost some $200 or more.

A new thermostat might run between $200 and $600, depending on how many features needed with that piece. If you have zone heating in the home, prefer a programmable thermostat, a thermostat you can control with a remote, and other such features, prepare to pay at the top of the price range for its purchase and installation.

A thermostat installation is also a job to leave to an HVAC contractor in Spring, TX. Improper wiring and neglecting to calibrate your new thermostat properly can result in added wear and tear on the furnace. To avoid otherwise unnecessary furnace repair in Spring, Texas, call a professional when you suspect your home needs a new thermostat.


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