Why You Need Furnace Repair in Spring, Texas

May 15, 2020

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Homeowners typically don’t need furnace repair in Spring, TX, as often as they need AC maintenance, but even with the warm Texas weather it’s still vital to ensure your home’s heating system is in good working order! While every furnace or heating system will need eventual repairs no matter its quality or how it’s maintained, it’s still helpful for homeowners to consider causes of needed furnace repairs as well. Knowing what might lead to early breakdown of your home’s heating and air conditioning system allows you to avoid otherwise unnecessary fixes.

You might also note some signs of needed furnace repair in Spring, TX, so you know your HVAC system is always functioning optimally. A furnace and AC in good repair also runs more efficiently, reducing energy costs. To ensure your HVAC appliances are in good repair, note what causes early breakdown and some signs that it’s time to call an HVAC contractor in Spring!

Ductwork and Needed Furnace Repair in Spring, TX

A home’s ductwork affects furnace performance; dirty, damaged, and old or undersized ducts often lead to early furnace breakdown. Note that a furnace pushes air through those ducts so undersized ducts make a furnace work harder than it should to circulate warmed air.

furnace repair in Spring

Dirt and dust inside ducts also slow down airflow throughout the home, also making a furnace work harder and cycle on longer than it should. This added wear and tear leads to early furnace breakdown and needed maintenance or repairs. Leaking ducts also mean not enough heated air reaches interior rooms, causing a furnace to cycle on longer than it should to maintain proper temperatures.

It’s helpful if ductwork in a home is insulated, to protect warmed air as it passes through those tubes. Without proper insulation, metal ducts get cold and, in turn, so does the air inside them! Insulating your home’s ductwork, scheduling ductwork cleaning, and ensuring ducts are in good repair all help avoid otherwise unnecessary furnace repair in Spring, TX.

Check the Filter Before Calling for Furnace Repair in Spring

A clogged filter often causes a residential furnace to simply shut down! Furnaces push heated air through that filter before it circulates throughout the home, to trap and lock dust and other airborne irritants. When a filter is overly clogged, the furnace cannot push air through it so the appliance might simply shut down.

Not only will a clean filter sometimes get a furnace working again but changing the filter often ensures proper furnace function. Even if your home’s furnace doesn’t shut down, pushing air through a dirty filter means added wear and tear on the furnace itself, leading to otherwise unnecessary furnace repair in Spring, TX. Change the home’s furnace filter every month rather than just every year and you might be surprised at how much cleaner the air is in your home and how efficiently your furnace operates throughout winter!

furnace repair in Spring TX

A Bad Thermostat Leads to Early Furnace Breakdown!

Your home’s furnace cycles on and off according to temperatures read by the home’s thermostat. A thermostat in disrepair or damaged wiring between the furnace and thermostat might result in incorrect readings or poor communication between these two fixtures.

If your home’s furnace cycles on and off too often or stays on longer than it should, you might have an HVAC contractor in Spring check the thermostat wiring and calibration. A new thermostat or wiring, as needed, can ensure the furnace works as it should and maintains proper temperatures. A fully functioning thermostat also reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the furnace itself, preventing early breakdown.

A New Furnace Without New Wiring Leads to Early Breakdown

If you’ve recently purchased a new furnace and notice that it seems to trip circuits, shut down before it should, or otherwise fail to heat the home consistently, you might check your home’s wiring. Upgraded, larger furnaces often require added electricity to function but old wiring might not support that electrical flow, leading to tripped circuits, early shutdown, and added wear and tear on that appliance.

An electrician or Spring, TX, HVAC contractor can note the electrical watts used by your home’s furnace and check the connecting wiring as well. New wiring, a dedicated circuit, and other quick fixes ensure a fully functioning furnace while also avoiding early furnace repair in Spring, TX.

Signs of Needed Spring, TX, Furnace Repair

A heating system that refuses to cycle on is not the only sign of needed Spring, TX, furnace repair! Your home’s furnace might turn on and circulate warmed air throughout the home but still need certain fixes or everyday maintenance. Note some common signs of needed furnace repairs and be sure you call a Spring, TX, HVAC contractor as soon as possible, to avoid early breakdown and even costlier fixes!

  • While a furnace might hum slightly while working and you might notice when the blower engages, don’t overlook odd and especially loud sounds from a home’s heating system. Knocking, banging, grinding, squealing, and other such sounds often indicate needed repairs; the longer those noises are ignored, the more extensive those repairs!
  • Gaps around window frames or poor insulation might keep certain rooms cold throughout winter, but a high-quality furnace in good repair should otherwise offer consistent warming throughout the house. If you notice that a certain room or section of your home is suddenly far cooler than it should be or colder than the rest of the house, it’s probably time for furnace repair!
  • A dusty or dry feeling every time the furnace cycles on might indicate it needs cleaning as well as a new filter.

Remember that timely furnace repair in Spring, TX, not only keeps that heating system working optimally but also avoids otherwise unnecessary fixes. Replacing parts including belts and bearings at the first sign of wear avoids damage to other parts, avoiding repair costs. A furnace in good repair also runs efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills throughout the year.


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