How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

December 20, 2019

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A homeowner’s AC repair costs will vary according to the type of repair needed, the make and model of their air conditioning unit, and a variety of other factors. However, no matter the costs for AC repairs near you, it’s vital that your home have a functioning air conditioner and especially if you live in overly warm and humid areas!

Your AC repair cost might start at $50-$80 for minor fixes such as replacing a thermostat or broken fan. More involved fixes such as repairing a refrigerant leak might cost around $200 while replacing a motor or the entire unit might run upwards of $500 to $1500 or more.

While some AC repair costs might seem steep, a homeowner should ensure that their home’s air conditioner is always in good repair and functioning optimally. There are also many things a homeowner can do to avoid unnecessary fixes and AC repair costs, and to keep their unit working efficiently. To ensure your home is always cool and comfortable and that you’re avoiding unnecessary repairs to an air conditioning unit, note some vital information about residential AC maintenance and repairs!

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How Much Should You Expect for AC Repair Costs?

Every AC repair technician near you will set their own fees and every AC fix is different, so the only way to find out the cost of your needed air conditioning repairs is to call a local technician for an estimate! However, you might note some added details about how most AC repair technicians near you set their fees so you know what to expect by way of costs:

  • Many AC technicians charge a flat rate just for coming out to your residence and diagnosing a problem. If you choose to use their services, they might add this payment to the cost of repairs even if you schedule those repairs for a later date.
  • An AC repair technician with more expertise might charge a higher rate for repairs, but they might also be able to make those repairs more quickly and easily so that your home’s AC is functioning again as soon as possible.
  • Some makes and models of residential air conditioning might be more difficult to work on, requiring the removal of certain parts to access other areas of the unit, and so on. In turn, your repair bills might be higher than someone with a different make and model of AC even if both units need the same repairs!
  • The timing of your call will often affect the cost of AC repairs! Emergency calls might be more expensive than repairs you can put off until a technician can work you into their schedule, and calls in the middle of summer when AC repair companies are their busiest might also be more expensive. You might also be offered weekend service but for an added fee.
  • The cost of parts will also affect your AC repair costs. Some parts might seem minor but if they’re only made overseas or are otherwise difficult to source, as an example, they might be more expensive to replace.
  • An AC repair company near you might suggest added services for an added fee, such as upgrading the home’s thermostat to something digital or programmable, cleaning the ductwork, or cleaning the inside and outside of the air conditioner itself.

Why Invest In AC Repair Cost

No matter your local AC repair costs, it’s vital that you keep your air conditioner in good condition and working as it should. While an efficient air conditioner will keep you comfortable at home, note some added reasons why you want to invest in AC repair costs when your home’s air conditioner needs repairs or replacement:

  • A home’s air conditioner removes humidity as well as heat. Excess humidity gets trapped in a home’s upper levels and can also be absorbed by wood framework as well as carpet padding and other surface materials, increasing the risk of mold and mildew in the home.
  • Excessive heat and humidity is not healthy for houseplants and can also cause premature wear and tear on a home’s electronic appliances including computers, televisions, and the like.
  • Your central air conditioner circulates air through the furnace filter, trapping and removing dust, dirt, and other harmful debris, keeping the home’s air cleaner. Not using your air conditioner throughout the year might then mean a dustier and more uncomfortable environment inside the house.
  • Excessive heat and humidity can make a person feel drowsy during the day while interfering with healthy sleep patterns at night! Fans can only do so much to keep your comfortable so you fall asleep and stay asleep and so that you don’t feel overly warm and drowsy during daylight hours.

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Why HVAC Services Are Not a DIY Job!

Homeowners today often attempt as many household repairs on their own as they can, to save on the cost of repair bills and to try to get those fixes done quickly! While there are some minor repairs and maintenance you might perform on your home’s HVAC system, it’s best to leave the majority of these services and repairs to a professional.

  • One reason for this is that the parts inside an air conditioner or furnace might be more hazardous than you realize, including sharp fan blades, belts and hoses that hold tension, and gears that can pinch a finger quite easily!
  • Incorrect or inefficient repairs might cause more damage than before; this includes using the wrong part for replacement, failing to oil or clean something properly during repairs, or reattaching certain parts incorrectly.
  • As a residential air conditioner requires tremendous amounts of electricity to run, improper electrical repairs might result in an electrical short, burned wiring, or other similar damage the minute you switch the unit on! Using the wrong wiring and other electrical components might also cause the unit to draw too little power, resulting in early and excessive wear and tear.
  • An AC repair technician near you will know how to diagnose needed repairs properly; for example, many homeowners assume that more refrigerant is needed if their AC unit doesn’t blow cold air, but the unit’s compressor might be broken or the thermostat might need replacing instead.
  • Residential air conditioning repairs might fall under your area’s local building codes; repairs not up to code might cause your home to fail a future inspection, resulting in even costlier repair bills.

Note, too, that a residential AC repair technician near you will know when a home’s central air conditioner needs replacing rather than repairs. He or she can determine if certain parts are simply beyond repairs or if other major components of the air conditioner are ready to fail, so that it might be better to invest in a new air conditioning installation rather than paying consistent repair bills.

Tips for Avoiding Air Conditioner Problems

Regular air conditioner maintenance is the best way to avoid otherwise unnecessary AC repair costs and to keep your unit functioning optimally and efficiently. Your home’s AC unit is also less likely to break down during the heat of summer if you ensure proper AC maintenance throughout the year! Note a few tips for avoiding air conditioner problems in your home:

  • Change the furnace filter every month that you use the air conditioner or furnace. A clean filter means less work for the AC and furnace motor and blower, as well as cleaner air in the home!
  • Keep the coils of your home’s air conditioner clean. Hose down the unit outside and use a wet rag to wipe down the inside of the coils.
  • Keep the fins outside the coils of your home’s air conditioner in good repair. Bent fins block airflow, causing the unit to work harder than it should. Straighten the fins with a simple pair of pliers and replace any broken fins as well.
  • Ensure the condensate drain is clean and clear and free of clogs. Hose off any debris around the drain and keep the pan free of debris as well.
  • Schedule regular ductwork cleaning for the home. Ducts and vents harbor layers of dirt, dust, cobwebs, and other debris, causing a home’s air conditioning fan to work harder to blow cool air through those residues. Clean ducts means less work for your air conditioner and less wear and tear overall.
  • Keep the home’s interior as cool as possible. Invest in sheers to filter sunlight so your interior rooms are bright and welcoming but not overly hot. Upgrade the home’s windows to more energy-efficient models and turn off electrical devices including computer when not in use.

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Related Questions

Does a home’s AC use the furnace?

A home’s central air conditioner typically uses the same system of distribution and controls as the home’s furnace. This is one reason why it’s so vital to maintain a residential furnace and to change the filter even during summertime!

Does homeowner’s insurance cover AC repair costs?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover AC repair costs if those repairs are caused by fire, vandalism, certain types of floods, and lightning. However, general wear and tear on a home’s appliances are typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

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